How to Maximize the Benefits of your Axis Bank Credit Card

Got an Axis Bank credit card but do not know how to use it? You have landed on the right page, in this article we have discussed some of the tips that you can use to maximise the benefits of your Axis Bank credit card.

Benefits of Axis Credit Card

Axis Bank is one of the leading credit card issuers among the private sector banks. You can easily apply for Axis Bank Credit Cards online as well as offline. From entry-level credit cards to premium credit cards you can find a card that suits your profile. Without any further ado, read below the tips on how you can maximise the benefits of your Axis Bank Credit Cards.

Benefits of your Axis Bank Credit Card:

Avail of the signup bonuses: Axis Bank offers a variety of welcome offers to the onboarding credit cardholders. These benefits might include complimentary movie tickets, flight tickets, gift vouchers, bonus reward points, cashback, membership to various platforms, etc. you might get the benefits after making a transaction within a given period of time after the card activation.

Earn Reward Points: You get an EDGE Reward point program with the Axis Bank credit cards. Under which you get an EDGE Reward Portal that you can use to redeem your reward points. You get to earn reward points, cashbacks, Miles, CV points, etc. depending on the credit card that you own. Once you are aware of your credit card rewards program it will be easy for you to earn reward points. 

Choose the Right card: Axis Bank offers a quite vast range of credit cards which means you can choose a card from various options. The chances of your getting the right credit card increase. Analyze your needs and spending habits and then choose the right card that fits them well.

Axis Bank Grab Deals: All credit cardholders get access to the Axis Bank Grab Deals where you can get discounts and offers on various merchant products and services. In this way, you maximsise the benefits of your Axis Bank credit card. 

Pay the credit card bill in full: This one is important if you do not wish to get your credit score impacted negatively then you must remember to pay the credit card dues. Axis Bank provides sufficient bill payment channels that you can use to clear the dues. You can also register for the auto-debit services then you do not have to remember the due dates.

Maintain a low credit utilization ratio: It is advisable to keep the credit utilisation ratio between 30% – 40%. Set a threshold limit on your credit card so that on reaching that limit you get notified about them, and you can stop using your credit card further. 

Review credit card statement: Review your credit card statement every once in a while so that you can get aware of the errors and omissions on your credit card, then you can immediately report the same to the Axis Bank through email or by contacting the customer services. 

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