How to choose a credit card for the first time?

Thinking of applying for a credit card for the first time? We all know how important and difficult this decision is. You must select the credit card with all due care. Having the right credit card is the key to not only enjoying the benefits but also maximizing them.

Credit Card

While researching for the credit cards you will hear about the myths as well. Do not listen to any of those myths as it will only going to mess with your head. Once you find the right credit card it is easier to apply for a credit card online as well as offline.

Hereunder are some of the important tips that you can use while choosing a credit card for the first time.


  • Identify needs:

    Before you begin with a credit card application you need to figure out your needs and spending habits first. This will allow you to find the right credit card as well as help you in knowing whether you really need a credit card or not.

  • Ask questions:

    Now that you have figured out your needs, ask yourself a few important questions like do you really need a credit card? Will your requirements be met by taking a credit card? How much will it cost to get a credit card? And so on. If all your answers turned out in favor of taking a credit card then move further on to the next step.

  • Choose the type of card:

    Once you are ready to start with the credit card selection, research the types of credit cards and then select the one you would like to go for. There are rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, travel credit cards, lifetime free credit cards, secured credit cards, and so on. Choose those which compliments your spending habits and needs.

  • Compare fees:

    Now from the selected credit cards compare them on the basis of their fees and other charges. You can find this in the Most Important terms and conditions leaflet of the selected credit cards. Choose those credit cards that you can afford and maintain.

  • Compare Rewards:

    Moving on further, compare the selected credit cards on the basis of their rewards and choose the ones that complement your needs and spending habits. As it will help you in easily earning the reward point/cashbacks/travel points, etc.

  • Compare other benefits:

    The main comparison part is done but having some more benefits won’t hurt anyone. Compare the selected credit cards in order to find out which credit card offers extra benefits like welcome benefits, milestone benefits, insurance, movie and dining benefits, spend-based waiver, fuel benefits, etc. By this stage, you must be left with 2-3 credit cards.

  • Narrow down to one card:

    Now the toughest part comes, we know you like all the 2 or 3 selected credit cards but you have to choose one credit card only. Make the decision and narrow down your choices to one credit card that is of the greatest value to you and is a perfect match to your profile.

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