Benefits Of Travel Credit Cards In India

Travel credit cards have a lot of importance for individuals who frequently go on trips and travel around. These cards hold benefits that are dedicated to traveling facilities. Some of these facilities include Discounts and vouchers on hotels, restaurants, flights, airport lounge access, partnered brand benefits, and a lot more.

Travel Credit Card

India is filled with destinations one would like to explore. Having a travel card by your side makes it a lot more comfortable while traveling. It unlocks all the luxuries and gives us a chance to enjoy them without any extra fees. Following are some of the key features and benefits of Travel Credit Cards in India.

Airport lounge access:

Most travel credit cards are paired with Airport lounge access, both domestic and international, providing cardholders with free access to airport lounges. These lounges are filled with amenities one would like to enjoy while waiting for their flights. Some cards also offer complimentary drinks and snacks, long-term stays, spa, and a ton of other benefits.

Save when spending on travel amenities:

Travel credit cards help save a lot of money whenever you spend on travel amenities like hotels, restaurants, flights, amusements, and such places. Types of rewards differ according to different card issuers. Some might offer rewards points, others might offer cashback or coupons. Certain card companies partner up with specific brands providing brand-specific benefits. MakeMyTrip Credit Card by ICICI Bank is one such card that offers partner benefits. 

Privilege Benefits:

Card companies might offer privilege benefits to their customers. When booking flights or checking in your hotels, these card holders are given priority including complimentary services like drinks, snacks, etc. These individuals are also given free memberships of holiday passes and discounts on various holiday packages and agencies. These offers might change with time.

Travel and Healthcare Insurance:

Some premium cards are paired with travel and health insurance facilities. These come in handy if you lose your suffer from any losses or need emergency medical support during your trip or holiday tour. Some cards also offer baggage insurance in case airlines misplace or damage your luggage.

Foreign Transaction benefits:

Premium Travel Credit Cards have this feature for frequent foreign travellers to enable forex services at a low foreign currency markup. These services come in very handy if you travel a lot to foreign countries. People often prefer these cards as they do not have to issue separate cards whenever they plan an international tour or holiday. 

Other Benefits of Travel Credit Cards:

Travel cards, though having dedicated travel benefits, might be your companion while shopping when on a holiday trip. Some Travel cards offer shopping benefits along with regular travel benefits which might be of good use to people who love to shop while traveling. Benefits might include rewards and cashback, and could also fetch special discounts on partnered brand outlets.

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